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2. Understand Existing Development Standards

Review any existing document on programming standards and guidelines.  This review will assist to ensure consistency in naming convention for function modules, dictionary objects, software components, programme input/output parameters etc.

Advanced Business Application Programming

Problems or Specialised Development

  • 28 June- 2016

    Realization of the Specification

    After the preparatory steps as outlined above, the creation of the development objects and implementation of the code in the SAP system will commence. Where the prototype was done in the sandbox system analyze the prototype and design specification. Important considerations at this level will be the quality and reusability of existing ABAP objects.

    30 June- 2016

    Develop and Review Test Cases

    Write test cases after review of the functional specification document. Review the test case with functional consultants and get a sign off.

    Adherence to the guidelines above can enable one become an efficient programmer of ABAP SAP code.

  • 28 June- 2016

    30 June- 2016


Managing Technical problems

A critical risk to be reckoned with is technology breakdown as there will be frequent failures with the technical equipment used in running the programmes and codes associated with hedge fund trading. The technology used for hedge fund is really complex and challenging and the process of fine tuning is as time demanding as the programming of all applications and algorithms. It won't be so difficult to make a couple of programmes work together and assure that they all do what they are intended to do if some attention is given to the fact that there are technical challenges to be encountered. A Strategy needs to be developed to manage this risk. One proven suggestion from practitioners is to spend significant time to test and fine tune the programmes, codes and other technology to avoid their failures. The fact has to be emphasised that that there are weak moments in automated trading. This is a fact and cannot be wished away.


2. Build an ATS for every Futures market

Oct 10, 2016

It is a must to build a market for both long and short trades to ensure profitability. With the help of an automated workflow it is possible to build a robust strategy for any futures market. It has to be emphasised that that one needs to build a system that trades both long and short. Also seek systems that offer symmetric results.

3. Swing strategies

Oct 10, 2016

It is crucially important to build swing strategies to optimise opportunities in hedge fund trading. Building swing strategies becomes easy when already there is a workflow. Having swing strategies becomes more important to be able to achieve higher diversification. It needs to be considered for any hedge fund that there will be big positions that will be traded which may lead to high average trade value. This will make average slippage to be more significant (positions will be filled gradually at different prices). Another consideration for having a swing strategy is to be able to have a high average trade value.

4. Team or Individual effort

Oct 10, 2016

You need to build a team to be able to run a hedge fund. Individual effort cannot work. The team needs to have different specialisation to take advantages of opportunities. The workload is constantly enormous and the first steps are really not simple, specifically to get it set up and running. The team needs people that are passionate, energetic with lots of energy and will to complete challenges such as the endless technical challenges. It should be understood that it is possible - everything is possible when we follow our goals. The opportunities have always been here and they always will be - every day. It is important to have really robust and solid foundations.


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